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Do you struggle with IBS symptoms such as bloating, gas, pain, reflux, constipation and diarrhea?

Freedom from IBS starts here.

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It’s not ‘just IBS,’ and it’s not ‘all in your head’.

The frustration of canceled plans, the fear of triggering symptoms, and the anxiety about what you can or cannot eat can make living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) exhausting and confusing, and it can affect every part of your life.

Whether you need help implementing the low FODMAP diet or you’re searching for step-by-step guidance for IBS relief, you’re in the right place. As an IBS Dietitian with over five years of experience, as well as personal experience with IBS, I can help you take back your life and get relief from painful and unpredictable gut symptoms.

“I have learned how to manage my symptoms and more important I know my body a lot better. I can eat things that I couldn’t eat before because I was afraid from every meal and how it could affect me. I truly can say from the deep of my heart that the day I followed Jessie on Instagram and a few months later I trusted her and the program were the best decisions I could ever take regarding treating my IBS.” – Karin

“Jessie has been a lifesaver! What stuck with me was her saying this: let’s find the cause of your symptoms and we will have a plan when there is a change. Now I have a safe plan to combat any potential flare ups and I’ve fallen in love with food again. The group and Jessie have changed my life for the better.” – Erika

“I was experiencing extreme bloating (I would look 6 months pregnant), so many flare ups, a lot of pain in the abdominal area, and constipation. Jessie helped me regulate my bowel movement and helped me understand the root cause of my symptoms. I recommend Jessie to anyone suffering from digestive issues because she truly is an expert.” – Alex

“I have not had diarrhea in months since working with Jessie! I now drive an hour to work everyday and have no fear of having to stop on my way to go to the bathroom. I do not have much fear with food anymore, and I have most of my bloating under control! Jessie gave me my life back…” – Kinzie

“I now know my triggers and how to avoid issues or manage them if they arise. And the best part – I didn’t identify any FODMAP triggers! Rest, hydration, fiber and joyful movement keep me where I need to be. It’s an amazing feeling!” – Joanna

“I now have daily bowel movements in the morning that are a normal consistency, and have minimal to no acid reflux. I feel energetic, pain-free, and regular, and I could not be more grateful.” – Becca

“{Jessie} helped me get diagnosed with non-celiac wheat sensitivity and it’s CHANGED MY LIFE. I never thought I’d feel this type of freedom (even without wheat in my life). My morning poops are still mind blowing to me and my abdominal pain is practically gone. I never bloat. I only have symptoms when I get glutened. I’ve learned to cook for myself safely (while making delicious food) and I’ve reintroduced all FODMAPs (including garlic!) without issue!– Jessica

“I am now eating healthier than ever, and enjoying food more than ever, my appetite is strong, my digestion and elimination more regular. I feel more mindful in every way about types of food, proper portions, digestion, appetite, and elimination. Thank you Jessie, you are a life saver!” – Ian

“I took Jessie’s advice, and literally within 3 days I was having consistent bowel movements and my bloating and farting subsided greatly. Since then I have had multiple bowel movements everyday, and I can’t remember the last time I have felt this good!” – Katie

Jessie Wong, IBS Dietitian, poses on a chair and smiles

The IBS Dietitian

After years of working with hundreds of IBS clients, I developed a step-by-step approach for IBS management and symptom relief called The IBS Freedom Approach. Designed for those who have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or have been recommended the low FODMAP diet, IBS Freedom helps you identify food and lifestyle triggers, improve gut health, and find relief and freedom from IBS symptoms.
I know firsthand how debilitating gut symptoms can be, and I’m on a mission to help you take back your life from IBS! Read my story with IBS here.

Hi, I’m Jessie Wong, a gut health expert and registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Indiana University and was trained on the FODMAP Diet at Monash University.

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IBS Nutrition Podcast

By the IBS Dietitian

New Episodes Every Week

IBS Nutrition Podcast by the IBS Dietitian Cover
IBS Freedom, how to eat for IBS, by the IBS dietitian, Jessie Wong logo
IBS Freedom – a 3-step approach to identify food and lifestyle triggers and improve gut health to get relief from debilitating IBS symptoms long-term. 

Identify your food triggers.

Learn how to properly adopt a Low FODMAP diet and how to safely reintroduce foods to find your triggers so you feel better, can go out to eat with confidence, and fall in love with food again.

Improve your gut health.

Learn how to optimize your gut microbiome for better gut function and health so you feel better long-term.

Find the right lifestyle.

Enhance your gut-brain connection and make lifestyle changes that provide lasting relief and freedom from IBS symptoms.

Masterclass, 3 Steps to IBS Relief

FREE IBS Masterclass

Join me for a FREE IBS Masterclass to learn about the different types of IBS, IBS triggers, and what to do for symptom relief. Over 90 minutes, you’ll learn about food intolerance, supplements / probiotics, common mistakes on the low FODMAP diet (that can make your symptoms worse), and my 3-step evidence-based approach to IBS freedom. 

“After a number of visits to my GI doctor, I still was not getting much, if any, symptom relief for my gut pain and discomfort… My GI suggested a FODMAP diet, but would not offer any help with it other than suggesting we check it out on the internet. We did just that and were more confused than ever by how complicated this diet seemed. We decided we needed a dietitian to help us and happened upon Jessie. I took an immediate liking to her. After a week or two, I realized that I was feeling so much better. I am happier with myself. I look forward to charting my food intake and am more aware of food choices. Jessie has a very positive and upbeat personality, her suggestions are doable I appreciate the menus. Her menu ideas were quick and simple and as a bonus, tasted great. It made it so easy we didn’t have to be continuously searching for what to eat. I would recommend Jessie unconditionally.” – Patricia V

“Doctors assumed that it was anxiety and stress causing gut problems. {I} was constantly having sleeping pills and antispasmodic and anti-acid tablets to cope with day to day symptoms. 
I was having difficulties to digest fruits, always having stomach ache and a chronic constipation which would cause fainting as well. {Jessie’s} program is amazing. Helped me to overcome stress of reintroducing FODMAP meals. Helped me to cope with stress of day to day life. Helped me to have confidence and trust my body and digestion process. I loved the weekly challenges and the weekly meetings. I hope other patients will get the opportunity to have her genuine and caring support as a professional and inspiring coach. When you work with the group, it is very encouraging as you are not alone facing challenges and you learn a lot on how others are organizing themselves to improve their gut health – this does motivate you at 100%!” – Elveena

Free Resources

The Low FODMAP Diet Starter Guide: Not Your Doctor’s One-Page Handout

Download my detailed FODMAP Starter Guide with a printable low FODMAP grocery list 🛒 so you can shop confidently for food that won’t leave you bloated. 

Symptom Tracker –

Need help understanding your IBS type so you can find the root cause of your digestive symptoms?⁠ Use this Symptom Tracker to properly track your IBS symptoms so you know what’s causing your bloat and what to do to get relief from IBS. ⁠

3-Steps to IBS Relief Masterclass

Join me for a FREE IBS Masterclass to learn about the different types of IBS, IBS triggers, and what to do for symptom relief. Over 90 minutes, you’ll learn about food intolerance, supplements / probiotics, common mistakes on the low FODMAP diet, and my 3-step evidence-based approach to IBS freedom. 

Understand your body to take back your life from IBS.

Notes from our clients!

Jessie really helped change my life and make me feel in control again.

She took my symptoms from a 10 to almost a 1 in a matter of weeks… I am now able to live a mostly normal life and keep my IBS symptoms at bay and she’s to thank! She truly cares about her clients and puts a lot of work into her program and it shows!”


She helped me get the proper testing I needed from my doctor that helped lead me toward getting a proper diagnosis.

“I felt like Jessie was very much on my team. I felt like she was an advocate for me. For example, she helped me get the proper testing I needed from my doctor that helped lead me toward getting a proper diagnosis. More than anything, Jessie genuinely cares. It’s very obvious how passionate she is about helping others who deal with awful digestive symptoms. She gets it. I’m very grateful for all the tools she gave me to help overcome this.”


She really has a winning formula that is both efficient and effective! I would recommend Jessie wholeheartedly!

“Before working with Jessie, I was overwhelmed by the challenges facing me. Her expertise and upbeat personality helped give me the confidence & structure I needed to get on track to being myself again.
I look forward to our sessions & know she has my back. That means a lot.”


Working with Jessie has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself, I am so very grateful for her!

Jessie has helped me reach my goal this year of getting my health back on track. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel less stress, I gained confidence, knowledge, and most of all I regained my love for food!


IBS Freedom VIP Group Program:

Work with us directly for 3 months to get fast results!

• Individual 1:1 Sessions with an IBS Dietitian
• 12 x Weekly Small Group Sessions
• Personalized Food, Poop, & Symptom Reviews
• Weekly Messaging Support

Book an appointment

• Schedule a 60 minute consultation with our team
• Apply for a complimentary call with Jessie regarding the group program

IBS Freedom
Self-Paced Program

• On-Demand Resources You Can Access Anytime
• Self-Paced Video Trainings & Workbooks
• Step-By-Step Guidance on the Low FODMAP Diet
• Meal Planning & Recipe Suggestions
• Lifestyle Recommendations for IBS
• Large Group Q&A Calls
• Facebook Support Group

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