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Learn what to eat for IBS, so you can finally feel in control of your body.

Affordable step-by-step IBS solution to identify your IBS trigger foods, learn what to eat for IBS, and get relief from your IBS symptoms once and for all.

Jessie Wong of IBS Dietitian and founder of IBS Freedom, stands in a brightly lit kitchen. Two badges overlay the photo, one reads Break free from your IBS symptoms once and for all

Manage and heal from IBS

Relieve IBS bloating and gas for good

Eat the food you love again

As you navigate your gut symptoms, Are you…

Canceling plans with friends, family, and dates because of unpredictable and painful IBS symptoms?
Avoiding foods you love, staying clear of restaurants, and not attending events and gatherings because you don’t know what your IBS trigger foods are?
Frustrated with extremely restrictive diets that may or may not work (and you definitely don’t enjoy), but you can’t seem to figure out what to eat for IBS on your own?
Tired of endless doctor appointments and expensive tests that never seem to provide concrete relief from your IBS or solutions for your symptoms?
Spending a lot of money on unreliable tests and supplements and wasting hours researching contradicting recommendations?
Not living to your fullest potential because you’re not feeling good with your body and it holds you back from doing everything you want to do?

It’s entirely possible for you to go from

IBS bloating and stomach pain icon

Bloated and confused about the causes and symptoms of IBS

Airplane icon, travel with IBS

Worried about holidays, special events, and travel

Cheeseburger icon, eat for IBS

Afraid of the food you love and not sure how to eat for IBS

To enjoying your day-to-day and your holidays with fewer IBS symptoms

Hearts and conversation bubbles icon

Spend more quality time with family and friends

Calendar icon

Gain the confidence to say YES to events and gatherings

Pizza icon

Eat more of the food that you love!

IBS Freedom, how to eat for IBS, by the IBS dietitian, Jessie Wong logo

Say hello to IBS freedom – a proven holistic program to help you manage IBS, learn how to eat for IBS, and get relief from symptoms like gas, bloating, pain, reflux, and irregular bowel habits once and for all.

IBS meal plan icon

Personalized Meal Planning

100+ recipes to build your own meal plan based on your needs and diet preferences, with my guidance on how to properly adopt a Low FODMAP Diet for IBS relief.

IBS relief game plan icon

Step-By-Step Guidance

Over 50+ short videos and actionable workbooks to walk you through my 3-Step Approach to IBS Freedom, so you know exactly what to do to feel better and get IBS relief.

Healthy gut icon

See Results Right Away

Most people see improvements in their GI symptoms within 2 weeks of implementing my strategies!

Your community of healthier, happier, more confident IBS Warriors!

IBS Freedom has helped countless people take control of their IBS symptoms and find freedom around food and enjoy life again!

Hear from Elise Compston, a fellow dietitian who worked through IBS Freedom herself and regained control of her life:

IBS Freedom, a program on how to eat for IBS, by the IBS dietitian white logo

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What you get inside IBS Freedom

Get immediate access to the IBS Freedom membership site, which will equip you with all the necessary tools to effectively manage your IBS, including:

1. Personalized Action Steps

I walk you through creating a plan that works for YOU – for your body’s needs, IBS subtype, food preferences, during the week, on the weekend, during special events, etc. in video lessons.

2. Simple Meal Planning

Eating low FODMAP for IBS is easy with our weekly meal plan guide and over 100 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and smoothies – PLUS grocery lists. This ensures that you’re successful throughout the IBS FODMAP protocol and beyond.

3. Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

I’m so excited to bring you 2 group calls a month led by our team of expert dietitians. During these calls, we’ll help you with your personal struggles and answer any questions you have. Calls are scheduled at various times to accommodate schedules and time zones, and are recorded for later listening in our private podcast.

4. Complete IBS Management Training

You’ll get my Complete IBS Management Training to help you develop new habits/lifestyle for optimal IBS management. You’ll have the chance to reflect, make a plan, and assess your symptoms after each topic which includes through templates and charts so you can track your progress and see relief. as soon as possible!

5. IBS Freedom Community

Living with gut symptoms can be isolating, but our community provides a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand what you’re going through. Here, you’ll receive support and advice from other members and our team, so you no longer have to feel alone in managing your IBS.

In addition to all of that, here’s what’s inside our IBS Freedom Course

Take a look at the modules:

Showcase of Module 1 workbook and features

Gut Health & IBS 101

See What’s Inside Gut Health & IBS 101 »

Understanding what normal gut function is and properly identifying your IBS subtype is crucial to finding the root cause of your IBS. Here’s what we’ll talk about:
• What is normal digestion
• What is IBS?
• What is your IBS subtype?
• Pinpoint what’s wrong with your digestion
• Create a plan forward

Showcase of Module 2 workbook and features

FODMAP Deep Dive

See What’s Inside FODMAP Deep Dive »

Everything you need to know about FODMAP and the resources to help you be successful during the process. Including:
• A step-by-step process on how to implement the low FODMAP diet
• What FODMAPs Are Guide
• Shopping, meal plan, recipes, and swap list
• How to spot high FODMAP ingredients on food labels
• A worksheet on getting enough low FODMAP fiber
A cheatsheet to help you eat out with confidence

Showcase of Module 3 workbook and features

Gut Health Foundation

See What’s Inside Gut Health Foundation »

Weekly challenges to help you optimize your gut and achieve long-term symptom relief. This module helps you:
• Support your gut from the basics
• Rebuild your gut microbiome with simple and effective strategies
• Improve your dietary habits to better support your gut’s healing

Showcase of Module 4 workbook and features

Lifestyle for IBS

See What’s Inside Lifestyle for IBS »

IBS is a gut-brain axis disorder, so this module focuses on enhancing your gut-brain connection for long-term success. You will:
• Learn about your non-food related IBS triggers
• Activate your gut-brain axis
• Choose the right exercise for you
• Work on your mindsets, managing stress, and improving sleep quality
• Manage your IBS through a holistic approach

Showcase of Module 5 workbook and features

FODMAP Re-Introduction

See What’s Inside FODMAP Reintroduction »

This module will walk you through re-introduction of all all 11 groups of FODMAP & FODMAP subgroups to nail down your IBS trigger foods. This module will include:
• A systematic & step-by-step FODMAP Challenge protocol
• Learning about each group of FODMAP and what symptoms they would cause
• FODMAP re-introduction schedule & tracker to help you identify what your triggers are and your tolerance to each IBD trigger food.

Showcase of Module 6 workbook and features

Long-Term Gut Health

See What’s Inside Long-Term Gut Health »

After figuring out your individual triggers, it’s time to create plans for the future so that you don’t have to be anxious for travel, holidays or major life events. This means:
• Knowing your food tolerance to create a long-term diet moving forward
• Creating personalized plans for future life events
• Expanding your diet without anxiety
• Taking control of your gut and having regular bowel habits

Takes around 15-30 minutes each week!

Stop the bloat, gas, and abdominal pain today.

Join IBS Freedom!

3 mistakes to avoid on the low fodmap diet for IBS freedom
Here’s what you’ll learn in 90 minutes…

✔️ What is the Low FODMAP Diet and why it works for IBS patients
✔️ The 3 biggest mistakes on low FODMAP that are making your IBS symptoms WORSE 😣
✔️ My 3-step holistic method to find long-term RELIEF and freedom from IBS (it’s possible!!) 🙏

Watch this if you’ve been recommended the low FODMAP diet and need help to implement it to find relief consistently!

Hear what others have to say about IBS Freedom

1/2 Email screenshot from an IBS Freedom client sharing about the years before where she was struggling with IBS bloating, gas and pain despite being healthy and was so happy to find Jessie because previous nutritionists and doctors weren't helpful
2/2 Email screenshot from an IBS Freedom client continues with how much she learned and how much she benefitted
Text message screenshot reading, is there any food you can't eat, and the IBS Freedom client proudly answers, Nope, nothing!
IBS Freedom, a program on how to eat for IBS, by the IBS dietitian white logo

Start today!

Monthly Subscription


Start today at only $29!

Bi-Annual Subscription

$116/Every 6 Months

Get 2 Months FREE!

Annual Subscription

Get 3 Months FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! I’m Jessie Wong
IBS Dietitian

Hey there, I’m Jessie Wong, a registered dietitian nutritionist with years of experience helping people find relief and freedom from IBS. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Indiana University and was trained on the FODMAP Diet at Monash University, plus many more trainings from expert GI doctors, psychologists, and dietitians in the field of gastrointestinal disorders.

I’m the creator of the IBS Freedom Approach. The truth is, helping people find IBS freedom is personal for me.

I know firsthand how debilitating the condition is. I’m on a mission to ensure NOBODY has to let their symptoms dictate their life, like what happened to us. That is why IBS Freedom is as affordable and accessible as possible because IBS care should be for everyone. ♥️

After years of studying and working with hundreds of IBS clients, I have developed a step-by-step approach to finding symptom relief and freedom from IBS.

The IBS Freedom Approach is easy-to-follow, proven for IBS relief, and accessible anywhere around the world. I can’t wait to welcome you into the IBS Freedom Community!

Jessie xx
Monash University FODMAP Certified Dietitian

Jessie Wong, the IBS Dietitian, stands in a kitchen

Hear what others have to say about IBS Freedom

Many found relief in as soon as 2 weeks!

Testimonial screenshot saying how the client is noticing a difference in IBS Symptoms after just a few days
Screenshot of text message saying that Day 5 they had good bowel movements and hardly any bloating
Screenshot of text message saying they've been on the FODMAP diet for 5 days and they're feeling so much better

We asked our members if the program was helpful for them and here are their responses:

IBS freedom testimonials

Our members gain the tools to manage their symptoms while traveling and the ability to eat what they LOVE again!

Facebook screenshot thanking Jessie for feeling confident in managing her IBS
Group of friends have a picnic by a lake, IBS freedom dietitian, overlaid with badge reading work with your body to support healing and find forever freedom

Stop holding yourself back from living your best life!

This program is not a diet. Instead, this program helps you break free from restriction and fear of food by properly identifying your IBS trigger foods and tolerance.

A lot of people start the IBS Freedom Approach with very few foods they feel safe eating. But after following the steps outlined, and properly identifying your triggers, you’ll feel more confident in your body, your food choices, and how your gut will respond to everyday life, so you can get back to traveling, going out with loved ones, activities you love, & more!

Instead of working against your body and feeling out of control every time you have a flare-up, understand your body so you know how to manage your IBS once and for all!

That’s IBS Freedom!

IBS Freedom, a program on how to eat for IBS, by the IBS dietitian white logo

Start today!

Monthly Subscription


Start today at only $29!

Bi-Annual Subscription

$116/Every 6 Months

Get 2 Months FREE!

Annual Subscription

Get 3 Months FREE!