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3 Steps to IBS Relief
Join me for a free Gut Boosting Smoothie Guide!

Join me for a FREE IBS webinar to learn more about the different types of IBS, IBS triggers, and what to do for symptom relief 🙌

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Expires in Tuesday 8am!

Jessie with laptop showing masterclass 3 steps to IBS relief and free gut boosting smoothie guide

Here’s what you’ll learn in 90 minutes…

WHY you are still BLOATED despite trying everything 😩 
Plus, learn the answer to questions like: Do you need to be gluten-free or go on Low FODMAP to reduce bloat? Are probiotics GOOD and required for IBS freedom? (Hint: NO.) Can stress and poor sleep habits lead to IBS symptoms?
The 3 BIGGEST mistakes costing you IBS freedom
(aka what you may not realize is making your IBS symptoms and bloat WORSE 😣)
My proven 3-step method to find RELIEF from IBS symptoms
Like bloating, constipation, gas, and diarrhea (and how to uncover your underlying cause so you can feel better ASAP 👏)
Plus, you’ll get my Gut Boosting Smoothie Guide for free just by joining!
Get my gut boosting smoothie guide for FREE
Person on laptop watching Jessie present 3 Steps to IBS relief webinar

This FREE IBS Webinar is for you if…

You’ve been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or have been recommended the Low FODMAP diet.

You are experiencing IBS symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

You’re confused about food and don’t know what to eat with IBS.

You’re on the low FODMAP diet but aren’t sure if it’s working or if you’re doing it right.

During this free 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to identify your personal IBS triggers and the steps to take to improve your symptoms, so you can feel in control of your life again!

🎉 Plus… you will get my Gut Boosting Smoothie Guide (valued at $47) when you register and join me live. This free bonus will help you get started on the low FODMAP diet PROPERLY!

Erika, IBS Freedom client of IBS Dietitian

“Jessie has been a life saver! I’ve learned it’s not always food that causes symptoms, but the gut brain axis, reactions to external stress and the menstrual cycle for the ladies! Now I have a safe plan to combat any potential flare ups and I’ve fallen in love with food again. I am feeling the best I’ve ever felt in years after participating in her group program.” 

Erika had been suffering from lower abdominal pain, irregular bathroom habits and a constant love/hate relationship with food. She tried probiotics, expensive 30 day detoxes and lived on a small group of food/protein shakes. She had to scout the nearest bathrooms everywhere she went and always anticipated having a flare up. After working with me, she found out her IBS flare ups were because of food AND lifestyle. Once we found her triggers, she was able to start living her life again.

Karin, an IBS Freedom client, smiles and poses for the camera with a plate that has two burgers on it and a glass of wine

“Jessie has truly changed my life. Working with Jessie made me understand that IBS isn’t just what we eat. I have learned how to manage my symptoms and more importantly I know my body a lot better. I can eat things that I couldn’t eat before because I was afraid of every meal and how it could affect me. I will be grateful for her always!”

Karin had been suffering from IBS symptoms for 2 years. She had severe flareups, and her stomach was bloated like she was 3-months pregnant with constipation and abdominal pains. She tried going to a GI, dietitian and a Naturopath… After working with Jessie, she quickly learned how to manage her symptoms and was able to reintroduce foods back into her diet.

Many factors can contribute to bloat and other IBS symptoms. Find relief by understanding what’s happening in YOUR body.

Ready to learn more so you can feel better, stop bloating, and get relief from IBS symptoms FAST?

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Expires in Tuesday 8am!

Headshot of Jessie Wong, the IBS Dietitian

Hi, I’m Jessie Wong

Masterclass Host and Creator of IBS Freedom
I’m a registered dietitian with 5+ years of experience helping people find relief and freedom from IBS. I’m the creator of the 3-Step IBS Freedom Approach, and having experienced IBS in our family, I understand the daily struggles of living with IBS and the frustration that comes when no one seems to have the answers. That’s why I’m hosting this free IBS Masterclass to break down the different types of IBS, IBS triggers, and what to do to alleviate your symptoms – ASAP.

Jessie xx
Monash University FODMAP Certified Dietitian

Watch REPLAY before it expires!

Join me LIVE for the 3 Steps for IBS Relief Masterclass. I won’t be presenting live again for the foreseeable future.