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IBS Tests, Legitimate Tests and Red Flags to Watch For with Dr Andrea Love

IBS can be a frustrating condition, and knowing what tests are trustworthy can be even more overwhelming. With so many options available, from food sensitivity tests to gut microbiome tests, it’s hard to know which ones are reliable and which are a waste of money. Today, I’m joined by Dr. Andrea Love so we can dispel any confusion and discuss the science (or lack of) behind these tests to empower you to take charge of your gut health.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is the difference between food sensitivity, food intolerance, and food allergy.
  • We dissect the science behind why popular tests like food sensitivity panels, gut microbiome tests, or GI map, hair mineral analysis test, and at-home breath tests for food intolerances, stool tests for food intolerances often don’t deliver accurate results.
  • Exploration of the lack of regulation and scientific evidence for the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements.
  • Explanation of the comprehensive medical evaluation and diagnostic procedures, including clinical criteria, laboratory tests, imaging, and symptom tracking, for an accurate diagnosis of IBS.
  • Learn strategies to navigate your IBS journey with confidence, including understanding stool patterns and avoiding unregulated supplements.

Tune in for clear answers and actionable steps to conquer IBS testing confusion and achieve a healthier you!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

💩Symptom tracker:

💊 NIH Supplement Directory:

Key Points:

04:45 Food sensitivity test 
18:50 Gut microbiome test 
20:00 Hair mineral analysis test 
35:00 At-home breath tests for food intolerance 
40:34 Stool test for food intolerance 
48:28 Supplements (how to find safe, efficacy, and quality-controlled supplements) 
56:00 Legitimate GI tests 
61:00 How to find a good provider & what to do before your appointment

Ready to take control of your gut health? Tune in and let’s get you feeling your best!

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