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What Is The Low FODMAP Diet And How To Identify Your IBS Food Trigger

One of the most common treatment options for IBS is the Low FODMAP protocol (also called a Low FODMAP diet). This is because the Low FODMAP diet helps 70-80% of IBS patients reduce symptoms & better manage bloat. In this episode we’re sharing what the Low FODMAP diet is, the 3 steps of the protocol and why there’s a proper and improper way to adopt a Low FODMAP diet and find your food triggers (if any).

What we cover in this episode:

  • What is the low FODMAP and why it works for managing your IBS
  • The 3 steps of low FODMAP protocol
  • How the low FODMAP diet helps you identify your IBS triggers
  • The common mistakes that we see all the time when people try the low FODMAP diet

Tune in to hear all about the Low FODMAP protocol and what the 3 steps are so you can identify your food triggers, establish personal tolerance levels and enjoy food without feeling any IBS symptoms.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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