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What Is The Best Diet For IBS?

Feeling lost for what to eat with IBS? Overwhelmed by conflicting advice and not sure where to start? This episode clears the air and shares evidence-based diet strategies for managing IBS symptoms with you. And the best part, it’s not a forever diet!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Can food cause your IBS symptoms?
  • What are some common food triggers that we see in our practice.
  • How to identify food triggers, and why it’s important to follow the FODMAP protocol.
  • What diets are best for IBS? Low FODMAP? Specific carbohydrate diet? Low fermentation diet? SIBO diet? Candida diet?
  • How restrictive diets can backfire and what we suggest instead.

Taking control of your IBS through food is possible! This episode gives you the knowledge and practical steps to start your journey of relief. Tune in and hear how you can create a personalized eating plan that tames your tummy troubles and gets you back to living your best life!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

🛒 Low-FODMAP Grocery Starter Guide:

Ready to take control of your gut health? Tune in and let’s get you feeling your best!

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