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Say goodbye to unnecessary food restrictions, locating bathrooms everywhere you go, and cancelling plans because you feel ill ♥️

Read our member and clients’ stories for what is possible.
If they found symptom improvement, you can too!

From years of struggle to A Clear Plan for IBS MAnagement

Hear from our member who worked through our affordable, self-paced IBS Freedom program:

1/2 Email screenshot from an IBS Freedom client sharing about the years before where she was struggling with IBS bloating, gas and pain despite being healthy and was so happy to find Jessie because previous nutritionists and doctors weren't helpful
2/2 Email screenshot from an IBS Freedom client continues with how much she learned and how much she benefitted
Text message screenshot reading, is there any food you can't eat, and the IBS Freedom client proudly answers, Nope, nothing!

Hear from our members in our affordable, self-paced program:

Many found relief in as soon as 2 weeks!

Testimonial screenshot saying how the client is noticing a difference in IBS Symptoms after just a few days
Screenshot of text message saying that Day 5 they had good bowel movements and hardly any bloating
Screenshot of text message saying they've been on the FODMAP diet for 5 days and they're feeling so much better

We asked our members if the program was helpful for them and here are their responses:

IBS freedom testimonials

Our members gain the tools to manage their symptoms while traveling and the ability to eat what they LOVE again!

Facebook screenshot thanking Jessie for feeling confident in managing her IBS
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Hear from our clients:

Elveena, IBS Freedom client of IBS Dietitian

“Doctors assumed that it was anxiety and stress causing gut problems. Was constantly having sleeping pills and antispasmodic and anti-acid tablets to cope with day to day symptoms.

I was having difficulties to digest fruits, always having stomach ache and a chronic constipation which would cause fainting as well.

Her program is amazing. Helped me to overcome stress of reintroducing FODMAP meals. Helped me to cope with stress of day to day life. Helped me to have confidence and trust my body and digestion process. I loved the weekly challenges and the weekly meetings.

I hope other patients will get the opportunity to have her genuine and caring support as a professional and inspiring coach.

When you work with the group, it is very encouraging as you are not alone facing challenges and you learn a lot on how others are organizing themselves to improve their gut health – this does motivate you at 100%!

  • Elveena

Karin, an IBS Freedom client, smiles and poses for the camera with a plate that has two burgers on it and a glass of wine

Jessie has truly changed my life. I stopped taking laxative which I feel is such a blessing to my body.

I have been suffering from IBS symptoms for 2 years. I had severe flareups, my stomach was bloated like I was pregnant at 3 months with constipation and abdominal pains. I tried going to a Gl, dietitian and a Naturopathic and I thank God that I didn’t continue my treatment with them! The Naturopathic told me that I shouldn’t eat so many things that are actually allowed according to the Low FODMAP diet (and just let me tell you that my Gl included Naturopathic as one of the people who can help IBS). Now after working with Jessie I understand that the only one
who can really help is an IBS dietitian!

Working with Jessie made me understand that IBS isn’t just what we eat (although it’s a huge part of the symptoms) but it’s also how relaxed we are, how did we sleep through the night, exercise, if we drink enough, how much fiber does our body receive from the food we eat, how much do we eat and how fast.

I have learned how to manage my symptoms and more important I know my body a lot better. I can eat things that I couldn’t eat before because I was afraid from every meal and how it could affect me.

I truly can say from the deep of my heart that the day I followed Jessie on Instagram and a few months later I trusted her and the program were the best decisions I could ever take regarding treating my IBS. Jessie is a blessing and I really thank God that I met her through social media.

Jessie is the kind of person who will listen to you and will give you confidence, won’t judge you and will really help you because she really cares. I will be
grateful for her always!

Erika, IBS Freedom client of IBS Dietitian

“I had constant lower abdominal pain, irregular bathroom habits and a constant love/hate relationship with food. I tried probiotics, expensive 30 day detoxes and lived on a small group of food/protein shakes. I had to scout the nearest bathrooms everywhere we went and always anticipated having a flare up before, during or after a special occasion. I thought MLM supplements and working out were the answer. But I still had flare ups and I would feel incapacitated for 24-48 hours. Not a way to live!

Jessie has been a life saver! She was kind, patient and had the ability to talk me down whenever I felt anxious. What stuck with me was her saying this: let’s find the cause of your symptoms and we will have a plan when there is a change. I’ve learned it’s not always food that causes symptoms, but the gut brain axis, reactions to external stress and the menstrual cycle for the ladies!

Now I have a safe plan to combat any potential flare ups and I’ve fallen in love with food again. Having a whole food diet instead of multiple supplements has been a game changer. I’ve come to appreciate gentle walks and deep breathing/meditation to ease anxieties. Knowing Jessie was always a message away was a comfort too. She answers any question. Even if it sounds dumb, ask her! It felt good to have a real professional addressing my symptoms and really caring about how I was feeling. The group and Jessie have changed my life for the better. I highly encourage those dealing with IBS and SIBO to work with Jessie and her team! Best investment of the year!!!

I can’t recommend this program enough!! Jessie is wonderful and a joy to work with. I am feeling the best I’ve ever felt in years after participating in her group program. The app she uses for the program was easy to navigate and get a hold of her if you needed to talk to her.”

  • Erika
Alex, IBS Freedom client of IBS Dietitian

“I was experiencing extreme bloating (I would look 6 months pregnant), so many flare ups, a lot of pain in the abdominal area, and constipation. Jessie helped me regulate my bowel movement and helped me understand the root cause of my symptoms.

I recommend Jessie to anyone suffering from digestive issues because she truly is an expert. Jessie will guide you throughout all the process and will help you find the root cause of your symptoms. If you have the chance to work with Jessie I can assure you that your life will change for the better. She is very friendly, a great moral support, a great listener, and always available via messages. :)”

  • Alex
Various testimonial screenshots of text messages praising Jessie's help in resolving these clients IBS Symptoms

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Not sure if IBS Freedom is right for you? Hear from more clients stories to know what is possible!

“I suffered from bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. It got so bad that I started to suffer from extreme anxiety over my health and eating food to the point I was starving myself.

Jessie’s group program helped break down what IBS really is and how it’s more than just food intolerances. Once I watched her videos and learned more about it I was able to make big lifestyle changes which resulted in my symptoms becoming less severe. She also helped me process through the sadness I initially felt when she started to figure out gluten may be causing most of my symptoms.

Jessie’s group program helped me take control of my life again. I went to school to study nutrition so for years I told myself that I could figure my symptoms out on my own, however once I hit a low point I decided that I needed support from someone else who specialized in IBS. I came to her extremely underweight because my anxiety convinced me I had something way worse and I was so afraid to eat anything else besides chicken broth, a baked potato and jello. After 12 weeks of working with her and meeting with others every week in the program it helped me to feel that I am NOT alone in this journey and that there truly is hope. I’m not afraid to leave my house anymore (I used to be afraid of leaving my house to drop my kids off at school or go grocery shopping, it was that bad) and I’m very excited to go on vacations again. This has been the best investment I have made on myself and I wish I signed up sooner!”


“I was unable to do any of the things that used to bring me joy: walks in nature with no bathroom around; going out to dinner with my husband, friends and family; cooking up recipes I found online. I was constantly afraid of everything I put in my mouth. Meal times gave me great anxiety. Not to mention THE PAIN. My stomach hurt 24/7. I couldn’t wear anything other than leggings – and even then sometimes those hurt me. The gas, the shame, the diarrhea, the hemorrhoids. I cried all the time.

Jessie actually listened to me. She never rolled her eyes at me. She never made me feel like an idiot or like I was somehow messing up and creating these problems on my own. From our very first meeting she knew exactly what was up. She gave me her opinion and I swear a lightbulb went off in my head. I am a healthcare practitioner and she helped me understand there is so much more to gut health than what I’ve been taught in school. Her program was easy to understand and extremely easy to follow. It was such a relief to have a step by step guide of how I can reach a good place with my IBS symptoms.

Just do it. I have such high regard for Jessie and her program. As a person, Jessie is incredible, and she knows her shit (literally). She helped me get diagnosed with non celiac wheat sensitivity and it’s CHANGED MY LIFE. I never thought I’d feel this type of freedom (even without wheat in my life). My morning poops are still mind blowing to me and my abdominal pain is practically gone. I never bloat. I only have symptoms when I get glutened. I’ve learned to cook for myself safely (while making delicious food) and I’ve reintroduced all FODMAPs (including garlic!) without issue! Please, just do it. Let Jessie help you like she did me.”


“Before working with Jessie I was really struggling with being afraid of foods and trying to understand what was causing my severe flare ups. Doctors told me it was IBS and that I needed to implement the FODMAP Diet.

However, not much guidance was provided. When working with Jessie we were able to get to the root cause, I was really struggling with chronic constipation.

Jessie helped me understand that I needed to work on my chronic constipation prior to working on my diet. Jessie helped me learn to use MiraLAX daily and when to increase or decrease my dosage. We also worked on increasing my fiber intake daily as well as my water intake. All of this combined has been a game changer! Since working with Jessie I have not had a flare up, I haven’t had trapped gas, or excessive bloating!

My recommendation for others joining the program would be to not give up. With the help of Jessie give it your all to work towards solving your root causes of IBS. You won’t see the results you want unless you fully put in the effort. Let go of being afraid of food and trust the process!

The past two years I have struggled to understand why I was having so many tummy issues. Doctors always told me it was just IBS and trapped gas but not much guidance was provided. Jessie helped me find the cause of my flare ups, chronic constipation. Jessie helped me navigate chronic constipation with the use or MiraLAX, water intake, lifestyle, and diet. Jessie taught me that many factors can effect your gut motility and how I can support my gut-mind connection. Overall, Jessie has helped me reach my goal this year of getting my health back on track. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel less stress, I gained confidence, knowledge, and most of all I regained my love for food! Working with Jessie has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself, I am so very grateful for her!”


“Prior to working with Jessie I had constant bloat, gas, pain and constipation.

Jessie taught me a ton about nutrition and the importance of hydration and eating the rainbow and to watch for my symptoms and then make changes accordingly to help navigate any possible issues.

She was also very attentive to my needs and concerns and always there to mentally guide me through the process with her.

Jessie really helped change my life and make me feel in control again. She took my symptoms from a 10 to almost a 1 in a matter of weeks of working with her. I am now able to live a mostly normal life and keep my IBS symptoms at bay and she’s to thank!

She truly cares about her clients and puts a lot of work into her program and it shows!”


“After more than 2 years of on/off diarrhea and no support from my GI I decided it was time to reach out for a professional on IBS as these symptoms were taking over my life and I was feeling isolated all the time, terrified of leaving my house and that a flare of diarrhea could happen at any moment. I tried another dietitian but I was under a lot of supplements and something just didn’t feel right. I always believe that if food is making you “sick” then food is going to make you feel better under the right supervision and support of someone well trained. I’m so glad I found Jessie on Instagram of all places as I was looking for low fodmap recipes. I removed all the enzymes and extra “natural” supplements. I started following the program and it was life changing for me and my whole family as I was getting more confident and overall better I started enjoying my life again.

As a mom of 2 young children the way Jessie approached the program is genius and very well done as you can only focus on one thing at a time, as well as her support alone guiding you every step of the way is priceless. I just wished I would have found her sooner.

Just do it! Save yourself the pain of countless doctors appointments that only make you feel unheard and alone, save your money from “miracle cures” and just take your health seriously and put yourself in expert hands. It is expensive, yes but it’s so worth it and you won’t regret doing it when you don’t have to worry about your symptoms anymore.”


“Abdominal pain, bloating, chronic constipation, excessive gas, and chronic acid reflux that cause to laryngitis. I tried multiple different types of restrictive diets (at one point, I was only eating rice, bone broth, and bananas). I was in so much pain and so fearful of food that I lost 40 lbs in three months. I saw several doctors, including a GI specialist. Got an endoscopy and tons of blood work. Everything came back normal and I felt like I was written off by that doctor. I also tried several expensive supplements that helped minimally at best.

Daily bowel movements was the first critical step, first using MiraLAX, and now using magnesium citrate. Next was eradicating SIBO, and then finding out what was the root cause of my issues, which happens to be gluten. I now have daily bowel movements in the morning that are a normal consistency, and have minimal to no acid reflux.
The program is expensive, but it was worth every penny to get my health back. I am a professional musician and singer. With all of my G.l. issues, acid reflux literally stole my voice. I am now able to sing better than I ever could. Jessie helped me get my voice – and my life – back. I feel energetic, pain-free, and regular, and I could not be more grateful. Thank you, Jessie!”


“A year prior to working with Jessie, I had purchased a book and tackled the IBS elimination diet on my own. Even though I figured out how sensitive I was to each FODMAP and felt better than I used to, I still wasn’t feeling fully normal. It wasn’t until I went through Jessie’s group program that I gained a better understanding of my IBS and figured out the root cause of it all…

Because of her, I’m no longer experiencing constant stomach pain or tootin’ all day long (ha!), and I have a much better handle on my flare-ups. Thanks, Jessie!”


“My major complaint was diarrhea. I was so afraid to eat any foods because I would be in the bathroom immediately afterwards. I was afraid to go on car rides longer than 10 minutes in fear that I would have to go to the bathroom (because it did happen more than once). I struggled with bloating as well. I saw a GI doctor and went through many testing and a colonoscopy with no solutions.

I tried probiotics and Benefiber for months, I could not tell if it was working but it was recommended so I did it. Nothing was making it better and I had eliminated over 50% of my diet/the foods I ate just purely out of fear.

Jessie was a godsend! As a Dietitian, even I knew that I needed help with the FODMAP protocol and needed someone who was an expert in the field to help figure out what was going on with my digestive system! I am so glad I found Jessie.

She pointed out that I was most likely constipated this whole time and that the buildup was causing my flare ups of diarrhea, not likely the food. After figuring out how to stay regular by having a BM everyday… I have not had diarrhea in months since working with Jessie!

I now drive an hour to work everyday and have no fear of having to stop on my way to go to the bathroom. I do not have much fear with food anymore, and I have most of my bloating my under control! Jessie gave me my life back… I feel like I can enjoy the thing I love the most as a dietitian again, FOOD!

Just do it!! You will feel so much better and you will get so much freedom in life through her program!”


“Severe gut extension. Severe gut inflammation. Severe heart burn. Severe diarrhea without warning or consistency. Intense menstrual pain and discomfort. Complete fear of food and leaving the house. Tired. Depression.

Jessie did a 1 hour intake interview. Requested labs and full history. Once she knew colonoscopy/endoscopy ruled out life threatening issues, she immediately had me upload my food diary including daily bowel movements. Her short informational courses helped get to my root cause diagnosis. She then fully supported me with her intentional step-by-step process to heal my gut. Easy, amazing, safe recipes for me. I haven’t felt this good in 3 years. It’s not just the courses or the gut. She overall cares about your mind, body and soul. Jessie is the best health investment I’ve made.

Please do not expect a Gl doctor to intimately understand your issues. Mine definitely did not. Please do not google how to heal your gut. I wasted so much time. Money. Find a qualified RDN who cares and invest in yourself to heal long term. It’s life changing. When my severe Gl issues started, I was lost. Terrified. Alone. Endless googling, fear of food, fear of leaving the house. Extremely depressed. Jessie Wong changed my life. No clue how she manages to be so technically qualified yet warm and supportive which can be amazing to experience after dealing with Gl issues. I’m grateful and am not sure how I’m going to live without her when the course is over.”


Before I started this program I often found myself very bloated and uncomfortable. There was almost no point in the day where I felt good in my skin. It seemed like everything I ate made me blow up like a balloon, I was constantly farting and I had low energy all the time.

At first I had very bad constipation, so my doctor recommend some stool softeners that I took, but they never put a time limit on them so I took them for way too long. Then that turned into consistent diarrhea. At first I didn’t mind the diarrhea because I thought at least I’m not constipated. I then also began experiencing heart burn after every meal, which had never happened before.

However, it then began fluctuating between diarrhea and constipation. The worst was always right before my period, and often even impacted my abilities at work, since I was constantly on my feet and moving around, but these symptoms just caused me to want to stay put all day. After dinner I would just lay on the floor on my stomach for a while because that seemed to be the only comfortable position.

Through the low FODMAP diet along with using osmotic laxatives I began to see some relief. We also concluded that I had SIBO, so Jessie’s help with managing and getting rid of that was amazing! After a couple weeks my SIBO was completely gone and I no longer experienced heart burn. However, for a while I was not progressing with my bowel movements. I would message Jessie frequently and we continued to talk at our weekly check in, and she suggested new methods every-time.

She suggested that I might have a high sensitivity to gluten, which may actually be celiac related. At first I really didn’t think it was that, but I took Jessie’s advice and went completely gluten free, and literally within 3 days I was having consistent bowel movements and my bloating and farting subsided greatly. Since then I have had multiple bowel movements everyday, and I can’t remember the last time I have felt this good!

This program is totally worth it! I was hesitant at first, and sometimes I wasn’t so sure about Jessie’s suggestions, but I’m so glad I continued to trust her and got to the bottom of my food sensitivities!”


I had diarrhea, weight loss and a fear of eating out or going out because I never knew when the diarrhea would hit.

Jessie educated me about the fact that my daily probiotic dose was not necessary and likely causing the diarrhea. I learned more about my “real” digestive issues from her courses and personal guidance. I have more confidence and new tools to manage any gut flare ups. I was nervous about spending the money on this program but after months of seeking advice from my doctors who didn’t get into the level of personal detail and specific nutrition guidance that Jessie did. She has a heart of gold, real life experience and the professional education and training to help people with the myriad issues IBS causes. I am glad I trusted her because in doing so I helped myself feel better.